How I found the missing peace/piece!

If you could write the script of your life, what would you be experiencing now?
Would it match the life you’re currently living?

These questions had never occurred to me until the summer of 2007.

Having been gifted with my very first iPod, I had discovered podcasts and was listening to Kelly Howell interview Rob Williams, the originator of PSYCH-K®. In that moment, a door opened and a missing piece fell into place.


What did I learn?


From the time of conception up to age 7, children absorb information like a sponge. It’s unfiltered and accepted as the Truth.

These ‘truths’ become programmed in the subconscious mind and form the foundation of how we see ourselves and our world. With 95% or more of our beliefs and behaviors being directed automatically by patterns that had been installed in childhood, I suddenly realized that the shortcomings I experienced were simply a result of outdated software that could quickly and easily be upgraded.

The timing of this revelation could not have been better. I was in desperate need of an ‘upgrade’ and knew I was at a critical crossroads in my life.

Just two years earlier, I was working for a management consulting firm, living in a beautiful home with the love of my life and our aging Siamese cat Samantha. Overall, life was good. Shortly after returning from a trip to Toronto, I had a routine checkup and was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The news came at me like a high speed, out of control freight train.

This couldn’t be happening! I had done everything right. My diet was healthy, my exercise routine was moderate and consistent and it had been years since I drank alcohol or smoked anything. Nothing made sense.

There wasn’t much time to figure things out however as Hurricane Katrina washed through New Orleans the very next month, arriving on the very day I was scheduled to have my third operation.

Everything changed overnight.

Our home was under 9 feet of water, my car was ruined, my job disappeared and restoring my health became the priority.

This was the beginning of some deep soul searching that sent me on a quest for answers.

I knew I could no longer ignore the tug of my heart that yearned to make a bigger difference in the world. Playing it safe had been my default mode however and I had no clue how to move forward. This was the fertile ground into which the seeds of PSYCH-K® were planted.

After that fateful podcast, my destiny was set in motion. I studied, researched and read the groundbreaking book by Dr. Bruce Lipton, “The Biology of Belief”.

“PSYCH-K represents one of the most important, efficient, effective, and rapid change processes that is available on this planet today” Dr. Bruce Lipton

In November of 2007, I received my Basic PSYCH-K® training from Rob Williams and followed that 2 weeks later with the advanced course.

The immediate results were threefold: the constant fear of cancer returning disappeared, a lifelong allergy to cats was released and I discovered a willingness to take risks that previously had been unthinkable.

I returned to a New Orleans that was still full of raw trauma from Katrina and was immediately able to bring relief to several of my closest friends and family as I practiced my new skills. It became obvious to me that PSYCH-K® was too important not to share and thus, I began my private practice in January of 2008.

Since that time, I’ve been privileged to witness the effectiveness of this simple process as hundreds of people’s lives have been powerfully and positively impacted.