Success Stories

What an incredible experience! After I came home from our session, I went to bed and slept through to the next day. Interestingly, as each day has progressed, I feel lighter and lighter in the chest and solar plexus area. I also feel much more of a desire to pursue relaxing and healthy endeavors. Thanks so much. You are an angel.

– Karyl P. New Orleans, LA

Just a quick email to say that I appreciate you so much. It is becoming clear to me that one of your gifts is the clear solid space you hold – anyone you are working with can absorb your state as a template for themselves. I just got that is one key thing that is happening when we are working together & when I read your balances everyday. Wow…you are up to big work.

– Shauna M. Mandeville, LA

I understand what you meant when you said the word “transformation”. Psych-k is transformation. I felt something right away after the balance. Then a little the next day and then a little more the next. But yesterday was a real major shift. It was very emotional. The last few nights I did have trouble sleeping I believe because my “mind” was really changing. But I can feel that shift today. It feels like I am shedding my skin. The focus I have has never been like this. The “noise pollution” in my mind is all but gone. I have a peace of mind I never knew could exist. It is so foreign to me. My anxiety level is at the most a 2 now. I am looking forward to the next balance. I can never thank you enough.

– D.D. New Orleans, LA

I can not begin to describe the sense of peace and freedom I have felt since my session with Marylou. It is as if years of pent up anger, fear, resentment and shame from my childhood trauma have been simply and gently removed. Instead of seeing the ugly inner child I used to see in myself, I now visualize a beautiful little angel with wings, free to be who she was meant to be. Even colors seem brighter! How can I ever thank you enough Marylou?

– Gina M. New Orleans, LA

…work with Marylou has swung wide open the doorway to my healing on all levels of my life; emotional, physical, and spiritual. My childhood experience contained a lot of trauma and abuse which I have worked hard to overcome using traditional counseling, body work, and various types of support groups. All these things helped but the PSYCH-K work with Marylou helped me to move forward as never before. Through PSYCH-K I have been released from many of my old fears and have grown to love and trust myself better. I feel myself opening up like a flower in bloom with a greater sense of inner peace and happiness. Marylou’s approach is gentle and her guidance along my path to healing has been invaluable.

– Laura Y.

Working with Marylou has brought quick resolution to the obstacles that were blocking the next part of my spiritual journey. There have been too many benefits to mention here…but one major benefit is the integration of energy. The inner critic is quieted and the serenity is pervasive. This work is like a powerful magnet that pulls all of our resources together…Marylou has been a wonderful teacher, a wonderful guide, and a true inspiration.

– Ann W.

…the balance was miraculous. I stopped crying and was able to deal with the mess, and I am moving forward with construction and creating a beautiful space. Thank you so much!

– Julie R. New Orleans

I want to thank you for the wonderful session you gave to me last Saturday. I have experienced much relief from my pent up, indescribable sadness and sense of loss, I find that I can go outside of my sadness and intellectually know about my feelings and not just be overwhelmed by them. There have been so many subtle changes that I am now aware of, too. I wanted you to know how great a difference has taken place in my emotional life, all thanks to you.

– Lyla O.

Marylou has helped me to identify, clarify and overcome several obstacles that have been holding me back in my personal and professional life. PSYCH-K is a new approach that has been very successful for me and Marylou is a very knowledgeable and effective practitioner. I can recommend her and the PSYCH-K process enthusiastically.

– Susan S.

Wow, it’s been 2 full weeks since I came in and things are amazing! I haven’t had a thought or craving for alcohol since I saw you, I have been exercising, reading and relaxing regularly. I just feel great, my mind is clearer and I don’t have that heavy mental feeling anymore. Overall, I’m just happy!

– John P. New Orleans

I am better equipped now to create my world in a positive way. I feel more empowered when making decisions. I am able to think and plan, and do the best I can. I know I am in a great place and also know that every day I increase the good in my life. Thank you so much for helping me create my life in a more empowered way. And to feel that I am the one that makes the decisions. That the opinions of others are just that “opinions”. You have a wonderful way of creating a space of support during the sessions, while helping others to find their magic.

– Joy A. Covington, LA

I cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of the people I refer -… I am always so thrilled with the progress these people make…Your gift(s) to all of us is one of the reasons I am genuinely thankful this year.

– Ann W. New Orleans, LA